Investing in climate solutions: CARBON CREDITS

STX invests directly in climate action.

We offer global access to high integrity carbon projects that STX develops, operates, and markets. Our solutions enable governments and corporations to invest directly in climate action where impact matters. Being vertically integrated allows us to structure solutions for infra investors, banks, and climate funds.
By providing access to OTC and exchange traded markets, we can further tailor carbon credit portfolios to secure supply and start implementing your long-term climate action strategy today.

Our value add

Policy & Market Research

We navigate nascent markets and regulatory mazes looking for opportunities to help environmental finance find its significance.

Turnkey Origination

Our in-house business development and technical teams add value by bringing carbon projects from initial ideas into registered, investable assets after a first rigorous screening, due diligence, (pre-) feasibility study, de-risking and transaction structuring.

Climate Action as a Service

STX develops and operates the carbon project throughout its lifecycle to maximize climate and social impact and mitigate delivery risk of certified environmental benefits. Our people and partners keep you informed every step of the way.

Risk and Marketing Solutions

Our liquidity and balance sheet allows STX to construct a portfolio approach with price management and delivery guarantees according to your ESG strategy, risk register and budget. Additional services include marketing of excess volumes.

Track Record


Years of experience in carbon trading across voluntary and compliance markets.


Million tonnes of certified carbon units structured collectively by our team members.


Years of risk management and financing experience.

Our fundamental beliefs

Environmental Finance: Critical to Decarbonization

Carbon projects generate reductions and removals that are critical to compensate hard-to-abate emissions on our 1.5 degrees pathway. Carbon is not a standardized commodity. It is however an investable asset class thanks to a stable demand outlook diversified across voluntary and compliance markets.

The Power of Knowledge: Stay informed and empowered

The only constant is change. Environmental markets will be under continuous regulatory pressure and public scrutiny as the world deals with her decarbonization challenge.

Process and Integrity: Keys to Success

Hard work, common sense, collaboration, and transparency lead to high integrity results. If the underlying asset and process are right, labels are just a means to an end.

This is a people’s business. Our team’s creativity, connectivity, and agility are key to our success. Our values and deep understanding of environmental markets allow our developers, traders, advisors, and analysts to build lasting relationships with clients and innovation partners.

Begin your journey towards decarbonization today. Get in touch with us to gain access to high-quality carbon projects.