Switch your power to renewable energy.

More and more companies are becoming interested in renewable energies to decarbonize their Scope 2 emissions, while improving their financial and environmental performance in the long term. We offer corporations a wide portfolio of solutions.

Energy Attribute Certificates

Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) are a flexible and cost-efficient solution to meet your sustainable energy targets and reduce your Scope 2 corporate carbon footprint.

It is the only digital instrument that verifies that one megawatt-hour of energy was generated and entered the transmission system from an eligible renewable source.

It allows tracking of the production, trade, distribution, consumption
of renewable energy and most importantly allows companies
to claim the environmental benefit.

EACs are obtained from different renewable energy sources:

  • Solar power
  • Hydro power
  • Biomass
  • Wind power
  • Geothermal power 
  • Biogas power

Why should your company buy EACs?

Reduce Scope 2 emissions

EACs are a key instrument for the reduction of Scope 2 emissions. They comply with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance. They are a recognized tool to document electricity consumption from renewable energy sources and to report reduced market-based greenhouse gas emissions.

Easy to procure

Buying EACs is a straightforward process, and it doesn’t require the need to change your physical power provider.


It is a strategy that does not require high investment commitments or high costs and investments such as Power Purchase Agreements or on-site generation

Strengthen your reputation

An effective way to improve sustainability rating by contributing to reporting Scope 2 (market-based) emissions in CDP climate change questionnaire and RE100 goals and demonstrating your commitment towards a decarbonized economy.

What are the types of EACs? 

Guarantee of Origin (GoO): Official standard to certify the renewable origin of electricity in Europe. 
International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC): Internationally used standard to certify the renewable origin of electricity. I-REC is used in over 45 countries worldwide. 
Renewable Energy Certificate (REC): Official standard to certify the renewable origin of electricity in North America, comprising the US and Canada.
Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables (TIGR): Internationally used standard to certify the renewable origin of electricity. Similar to the I-REC
Large-scale Generation Certificate (LGC): Official local Australian EAC, created for the federal’s Renewable Energy Target.
J-Credit: Official local Japanese certificate: Technically a carbon offset, though the environmental attribute can be used as an EAC if the project is a renewable energy project.
Non-fossil Fuel Energy Certificates (NFC): Official local Japanese certificate for non-fossil energy generation.
New Zealand Energy Certificate (NZEC): Official local voluntary standard in New Zealand.

Green-e® Energy

Strive by STX provides Renewable Energy Certificates that are Green-e® Energy certified. Center for Resource Solutions’ (CRS) Green-e® certification program is the trusted global leader in clean energy certification.

Renewable Gas

Biomethane is a renewable gas, produced when the anaerobic transformation of organic feedstocks from green, domestic, agricultural, agri-food or industrial waste takes place. By capturing and purifying the methane, it can be used in applications, such as heating, electricity generation or as a transportation fuel.

Benefits of biomethane

With the existing gas infrastructure in place, biomethane is well positioned to be a major contributor to decarbonization initiatives around the world today and in the future.

  • Reduce Direct emissions: This tool allows your company to efficiently reduce your Scope 1 emissions.
  • Plug and play solution: Biomethane has the same chemical composition as natural gas, which makes it an ideal option for decarbonizing gas consumption.
  • The only option available for many companies: Especially hard-to-abate sectors, that cannot electrify, will have to turn to renewable gases where Biomethane is the only one readily available today. 
  • A new way to be more efficient: Reducing emissions on gas consumption is one of the more impactful and powerful ways to decarbonize your activities.

Why Strive by STX?


As part of STX Group, we were pioneers in the biomethane market. We have been building and promoting the market for around 10 years.

Global Presence

We support our clients with industry-leading research and analytics to ensure robust decision making. We are a reliable partner for several organizations around the world fighting climate change because we have a pure green approach.

Reliability, flexibility, and security

We connect our financial services with our sales and marketing channels to enable and secure new renewable gas capacity for our customers.

Broad product portfolio

We work with all products in the biomethane value chain. Our portfolio, together with our balance sheet, ensures security of supply and certainty for producers.

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